issue 8, autumn 2011

GLIMPSE issue 8 presents perspectives on the history and human experience of mapping, at varying scales. This issue considers how the symbolic definition of real and imagined boundaries expressed in maps, may both expand and constrain human understanding.

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Selected Dates in European, Islamic and Chinese Cartography

E. Howe, M. O'Reilly, and C. Wang

Atlas Vertebra
A. Vaun

Borrowed Borders: Cartographic leverage from empires to zip codes
M. Monmonier

Narrative Cartographies: Creating an atlas as a novel, E. Bentley

From Sextant to SatNav: Building a 3-D map of the human heart
[online-only supplementary multimedia illustrations]
K. Fletcher, P. Kohl, and D. Noble

Retrospect: A Map of the Open Country of Woman’s Heart...
G. B. Barnhill

Losing And Finding Our Way: A conversation about cognitive mapping and orientation with neuroscientist Giuseppe Iaria
R. Sapin with introduction by C. Arcabascio

Reorganizing Space, Negotiating Identity: The use of placenames in ordinary conversation
L. Gabbert

The Literary Terrain of Mark Twain and the Mississippi
R. Sapin

Many Rivers and Kara’s Wave

M. Cusick

Cartography and Humanism: Concordances and discordances
Y. Tuan

M. O'Reilly



issue 7, winter 2011

GLIMPSE issue 7 explores the evolution of written language, from its earliest appearance to its current and unique forms. Contributors to this issue consider visual implications of text in multiple contexts and functions, explicit and subtle.

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D. T. Burgy

J. Shen

DYSLEXIA: A mind for typography
M. H. Schneps

M. Reed

ACTIVATING PRAYERS: Textual landscapes of the Tibetan Buddhist diaspora
C. M. Madsen + R. Correia Jr.

NEGATED NEWS: HISTORIES’ RANSOM NOTES, An interview with visual artist Megan Michalak
C. Arcabascio + M. Hurst

A. Skupin

RETROSPECT ca. 1865, Text as Image: A Portrait of Abraham Lincoln
G. B. Barnhill

(Re)Views: Prospero's Books
I. Moylan

The Symbolic Warning
R. Sullivan

A. One



issue 6, summer 2010

GLIMPSE issue 6 investigates the explanations for, accounts of, and effects of seeing or imagining physically inexplicable forms, beings or events in personal, creative, social or religious contexts.

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The Visions Issue Playlist - music to read this issue by...

Invisible Friends: The creation of imaginary companions in childhood and beyond
T. Gleason

The Simulation of the God Experience Within the Laboratory
M.A. Persinger

Vision and Visions in Piero della Francesca's Legend of the True Cross
R. Belton + B. Kersten

Tara Describes a Photograph to Me
A. Vaun

Decoding the Neurological Basis of Shamanic Visions: An interview with Dr. Michael Winkelman
[online-only extended interview]
C. Arcabascio

Neutral Territories: The High Sierra - traveling inward
P.M. Bergman

RetroSpect ca. 1870: The temperance campaign against things that go bump in the night
L.B. Hewes

Our Inscapes Projected Outward: Charles Bonnet Syndrome
R. Sapin

Performing Imaginary Pilgrimages: Re/enacting the cloistered meta-voyages of the 15th-century Sisters of the Dominican Observance
[online-only supplementary music and images]
C. Arcabascio

Requiem, Where the Wild Things Are & Harvey

I. Moylan


issue 5 (vol 2.4), winter 2010

GLIMPSE issue 5 investigates the history and technologies of seeing beyond Earth's atmosphere. From Mayan and pre-Christian civilizations to Hubble Space Telescope. From one astrochemist's re-thinking of the Periodic Table of Elements to Space Tourism.

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 The Cosmos Issue Playlist - music to read this issue by...

Dimming the Lights: Astronomy and light pollution
S. Kardel

What the Wise Men Saw In the Sky
M.R. Molnar

Maya Ethnoastronomy
S. Milbrath

The Chemical Elements in the Cosmos
K. Lodders

Exploring Mars and the Moon Using Google Earth
R.A. Beyer

The Use of Color in Interstellar Message Design
K.A. Jameson & J. Lomberg

Seeing Titan: Mapping Saturn's moon with infrared technology
J.W. Barnes

RetroSpect: 1880-1911
Williamina Fleming Catalogs the Stars

C. Arcabascio

RetroSpect: 1757
The Aerial Telescope

Seeing the Universe Through a Straw:
The Hubble Space Telescope

C.M. Bielmeier

$25 Million a Ride: A real view of space tourism
C.J. Wallington

Unberührtes Muster (Pristine Patterns)
A. Vaun

A Trip to the Moon (1902) to Moon (2009)
I. Moylan


issue 4 (vol 2.3), autumn 2009

GLIMPSE issue 4 features articles, visual essays, interviews and reviews spanning the physical sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, all in celebration and examination of our visual perception of electromagnetic waves.

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Fluorescence in the Garden
[online-only supplementary images]  
C.M. Bielmeier

Ordering Colors: A multifaceted problem
R.G. Kuehni

RetroSpect: Processes for making the best and finest sort of prussian blue with quick-lime (1762); and Concerning the secret of a red gum... (1775)
various authors

Color Matters
O.D. Odita

An Interview
with Evolutionary Biologist Hopi Hoekstra

C. Arcabascio

Seeing Red on Mars: Adaptation and the influence of environment on color appearance
M.A. Webster 

WAVEs of Color: An ecological valence theory of human color preference
K.B. Schloss and S.E. Palmer

Playing (With) Color
F. Collopy

Relatively Speaking: The relationship between language and thought in the color domain
D. Roberson and J.R. Hanley

Color-Struck: Quilting and Colorism in the African-American Community
L. Cross

Human Potential for Tetrachromacy
[online-only supplementary article]
K.A. Jameson

Singed Bedroom, Weekend Afternoon
A. Vaun

Watercolor Science: Transparent watercolor through the eyes of an aerospace engineer
C.M. Bielmeier

(Re)Views: Blue + The Wizard of Oz
I. Moylan

Hewlett-Packard Color Scientist, Nathan Maroney

L. Cross


China Vision, Part II
issue 3 (vol 2.2), winter 2010

Part II of this special two-issue theme focuses, in part, on China's visual geographic influences on politics and people. Mapping, color, animal symbols, microscopy and x-ray visual aids help us to imagine, visualize and understand the past, present and possibly the future of China.

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The Dandelion School Transformation Project:
A Conversation with Lily Yeh

Politically and Geographically Colorful: Revolution, Regime and Color in China
[online-only supplementary illustrations]
Han-Teng Liao

What Will Happen Next? Envisioning a Personal Future in China
C. Stafford
[online-only supplemental interview with the author]

Myth and Modernity
[online-only supplementary links]
 M. Ting

Retro(spect): On Chinese Divination by Dissecting Written Characters
J.J.M de Groot

Situ Panchen, 1700-1774: Tibetan Encampment Revivalist Painter
[online-only supplementary links]  
Glimpse interviews D. Jackson 

Seeing History: Rediscovering the Art of Tibet Through Modern Imaging Technology
[supplemental illustrations]
C. Reedy

(Re)View: Mahjong at the Peabody Essex Museum [online exhibit], L. Cross

Not One Less and Green Snakes

I. Moylan


China Vision, Part I
issue 2 (vol 2.1), spring 2009

Part I of this special two-issue theme focuses on various aspects of China as a visual society, in its written system of language as well as its cultural, political, and artistic sensibilities.

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Between Text and Image: The Ambiguity of Chinese Written Characters
Yuehping Yen

Are Chinese Characters Modern Enough?
An Essay on Their Role Online

[online-only supplemental illustrations]
Han-Teng Liao

Chinese Magic Mirrors in "Chinese Art, Volume I" (1914)
S.W. Bushell

Harvesting Cosmic Spectra:
China's Large Area Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST)

M. Hurst with C. Arcabascio and N. Giroux

East Meets West
Yang Liu

Show Me the Yuan
A. Baumler

Design for Commerce:
Chinese Label Art for Common Goods

[online-only supplemental illustrations]
A. Cahan

Desire of the Other:
Perceptions of Beauty in Modern China

W. Jankowiak and P. Gray

(Re)View: Chinese Ghost Story
A. Hughes

(Re)View: Frozen
A. Hughes

Chinatown, Boston, MA, 1993
A. Owens


Is the visual political?
issue 1 (vol 1.1), autumn 2008


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 Presidents of the USA
D. Kish

Ugliness: Visibility and the Invisible Prejudice
A. Synnott

Musings on a Master Race:
The Drawings of Hannah Barrett

C. Arcabascio

Grandpa Lenin and the Crimson Love
N. Giroux

Politics, Vision and Democracy:
Access Equality for the Visually Impaired

M. Murray

Third-Term Panic, 1874
T. Nast, courtesy of T.J. Michalak

Political Symbols, A. Hughes

Mirroring People: Neuropolitics
M. Iacoboni

Hugo Juarez 2008
N. Munyan

Dilemmas of Claiming Ownership in an Epidemic
L. Moana Kolff

Society of the And
R. Van Toorn, introduction by H. White

Media, Race, and the Marketplace
R.M. Entman

Politico-Religious Dimensions of Chaco Canyon Pottery
S. Plog

A. Hughes

Flags, Color, Symbol, and National Identity
C. Arcabascio interviews K. Cerulo

Is the Visual Political? An Essay
T. Kaplan-Maxfield

Political Agenda
R. Sullivan

Online-Only Features:
Electing the President: How American Elections Work

S. Hickey

Framing Documenta: Local Politics of High Art in Kassel, Germany
J. Andreoni + D. Stein

Hugo Juarez Campaign Kit
N. Munyan














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