Issue #06  |  Visions (Digital Download)
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Issue #06 | Visions (Digital Download)

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The Visions issue investigates the explanations for, accounts of, and effects of seeing or imagining physically inexplicable forms, beings or events in personal, creative, social or religious contexts.

Contents of this issue: Invisible Friends: The creation of imaginary companions in childhood and beyond
, T. Gleason | The Simulation of the God Experience Within the Laboratory
, M.A. Persinger | Vision and Visions in Piero della Francesca's Legend of the True Cross, R. Belton + B. Kersten | Tara Describes a Photograph to Me
, A. Vaun | Decoding the Neurological Basis of Shamanic Visions:
 An interview with Dr. Michael Winkelman, C. Arcabascio | Neutral Territories: The High Sierra - traveling inward, P.M. Bergman | RetroSpect ca. 1870: The temperance campaign against things that go bump in the night, L.B. Hewes | Our Inscapes Projected Outward: Charles Bonnet Syndrome, R. Sapin | Performing Imaginary Pilgrimages: Re/enacting the cloistered meta-voyages of the 15th-century Sisters of the Dominican Observance, C. Arcabascio | (Re)Views: Requiem, Where the Wild Things Are & Harvey, I. Moylan

GLIMPSE is an interdisciplinary journal that examines the functions, processes, and effects of vision and its implications for being, knowing, and constructing our world(s). Each theme-focused issue features articles, visual spreads, interviews, and reviews spanning the physical sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.

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