Issue #01  |  Is the visual political?  (Digital Download)
GLIMPSE journal

Issue #01 | Is the visual political? (Digital Download)

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GLIMPSE is an interdisciplinary journal that examines the functions, processes, and effects of vision and its implications for being, knowing, and constructing our world(s). Each theme-focused issue features articles, visual spreads, interviews, and reviews spanning the physical sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.

Contents of this issue: Presidents of the USA, D. Kish | Ugliness: Visibility and the Invisible Prejudice, A. Synnott | Musings on a Master Race: The Drawings of Hannah Barrett, C. Arcabascio | Grandpa Lenin and the Crimson Love, N. Giroux | Politics, Vision and Democracy: Access Equality for the Visually Impaired, M. Murray | Third-Term Panic, 1874, T. Nast, courtesy of T.J. Michalak | Political Symbols, A. Hughes | Mirroring People: Neuropolitics, M. Iacoboni | Hugo Juarez 2008, N. Munyan | Dilemmas of Claiming Ownership in an Epidemic, L. Moana Kolff | Society of the And, R. Van Toorn, introduction by H. White | Media, Race, and the Marketplace, R.M. Entman | Politico-Religious Dimensions of Chaco Canyon Pottery, S. Plog | (Re)views, A. Hughes | Flags, Color, Symbol, and National Identity, C. Arcabascio interviews K. Cerulo | Is the Visual Political? An Essay | T. Kaplan-Maxfield | Political Agenda, R. Sullivan | Web-Only Features: Electing the President: How American Elections Work, S. Hickey | Framing Documenta: Local Politics of High Art in Kassel, Germany, J. Andreoni + D. Stein | Hugo Juarez Campaign Kit, N. Munyan 

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