Issue #02  |  China Vision, Part I (Digital Download)
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Issue #02 | China Vision, Part I (Digital Download)

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China Vision, Part I focuses on various aspects of China as a visual society, in its written system of language as well as its cultural, political, and artistic sensibilities.

Contents of this issue: Between Text and Image: The Ambiguity of Chinese Written Characters, Yuehping Yen | Are Chinese Characters Modern Enough? An Essay on Their Role Online, Han-Teng Liao | Chinese Magic Mirrors in "Chinese Art, Volume I" (1914), S.W. Bushell | Harvesting Cosmic Spectra: China's Large Area Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST), M. Hurst with C. Arcabascio and N. Giroux | East Meets West, Yang Liu | Show Me the Yuan, A. Baumler | Design for Commerce: Chinese Label Art for Common Goods, A. Cahan | Desire of the Other: Perceptions of Beauty in Modern China, W. Jankowiak and P. Gray | (Re)View: Chinese Ghost Story, A. Hughes | (Re)View: Frozen, A. Hughes | Chinatown, Boston, MA, 1993, A. Owens

GLIMPSE is an interdisciplinary journal that examines the functions, processes, and effects of vision and its implications for being, knowing, and constructing our world(s). Each theme-focused issue features articles, visual spreads, interviews, and reviews spanning the physical sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.

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